Myrtle Beach Sexual Assault

Crime Victim Protection: Sexual Assault Victims

In America, as around the world, the number of sexual assaults are shockingly high. The forcible assault/rape of women (18-years-old and over) occurs at the rate of 1.3 per minute; 78 per hour; and 683,000  per year. These statistics come from the National Victim Center & Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center conducted in 1992.

What’s even sadder is that most sexual assaults and rapes aren’t even reported to the police. And even fewer hire a Crime Victim Attorney. As of May 2001, the SC Dept. of Public Safety Violence Against Women In South Carolina, found that 42.8% of forcible sexual assaults were committed by someone they knew. This statistic is demonstrated in the following attack on a Myrtle Beach woman (below).

Sexual Assault In Myrtle Beach

Crime Victim Protection52-year-old William Mattson (left) was recently brutally assaulted by the boyfriend of the woman he was attempting to rape. Mattson was barely recognizable in his mugshot. The boyfriend found Mattson, his uncle, in the same bed as his girlfriend and repeatedly hit Mattson with a closed fist. This went on from the bed, continuing through the house, and finally the police were called when they made it to the yard.

Mattson claimed that the sexual act was consensual. She told the police that he was sexually assaulting her, to which Mattson has been charged with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. The boyfriend (that attacked Mattson) will not be charged with assault. This is because the police stated he was acting in the defense of a third party.

Mattson was denied bond when he appeared in court initially.

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Sexual assault shouldn’t happen to ANYBODY. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a sexual assault, let us get justice. This heinous assault of a woman should never go unpunished.

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